Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Haiti: Day 1, Part 1, Worship

Telling the story of being in Haiti for a few days is probably going to take a while.  It's emotional for me, mostly because God did so much work in me that week.

Once we got into the country we road in an old Clayton County school bus from the Port Au Prince airport to the village of Titanyen, Haiti where Mission of Hope Haiti resides.  There is no way to describe what Haiti looks like.  There is trash everywhere, there are tents everywhere, there are people begging everywhere.  The sights, the smells, the sounds defy language.  The only thing I can do, is recommend that you go yourself.  The people of Haiti, they need you.

We drove straight to worship, it was a Sunday morning in Haiti, and the church at Mission of Hope was packed with people who came to fellowship with God and each other.  I can't describe the worship service either.  I can only say that I have never been in a church in the United States that unabashedly praises the Lord like the church in Haiti did.

My journal entry from Sunday Night:

I have never seen such squalor;

I have never seen such hope;

I have never seen such filth;

I have never seen such love;

I have never seen so many;

Touched by the Hand of God!

I really feared that when I came home that my kids would irritate me to death because of their endless demands for more after hearing so many cries for "just one thing."

Instead of being irritated with my kids, I feel convicted myself.  I feel convicted not for what I have, because I know those are God's blessings, but because of my inability to completely abandon myself for the purpose of worshiping my Savior.  I saw so many with so little lay prostrate at the feet of Jesus worshiping Him with all the emotion they could muster, yet I have so much and don't do the same because I worry about making the person next to me uncomfortable.

Jesus didn't worry about anything when He hung on a cross for me, and I love him for that but can I really abandon all to worship Him?