Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Perfection is the enemy...

I'm consumed with creating the perfect kitchen and dining area right now.  Refinishing cabinets, painting walls, retexturing ceilings and getting rid of that awful popcorn, are consuming my days.

Yesterday, I was supposed to start a new adventure.  I was supposed to step out of my comfort zone and begin the journey that God has laid out for me.  Instead, I spent 12 hours painting and completely put my life on the back burner.

Today, I realized how all consuming this project is and that I really need to accept the fact that perfection might be impossible (my kitchen/dining area was built in 1981 and had four layers of wallpaper, and sand texture on the walls).

I was sitting on a step-ladder with a gallon of paint on my lap, a 1/2 inch brush in my right hand and a meatball in my left hand.  My 7 year old fixed me lunch and I couldn't stop making the line between the ceiling and the wall "perfect" long enough to eat with him.

Perfection isn't only impossible, it's the enemy.  It's the enemy of productivity and it's the enemy of my purpose.