Thursday, October 27, 2011

How is your Jerusalem?

Again, I'm back after a few months, to share the rest of my favorite verse.  I think it's my favorite because it was Jesus parting words to his Disciples.  When a mentor, a grandparent, a parent or friend passes away we tend to remember the last thing they ever said to us.  I remember my Grandma Billie told me that she was proud of me, PaPa Robert told me that I was raising some mighty fine youngins.  But Jesus wasn't just a mentor or a friend, he was the Son of God, equal with God, and the very last thing he said before ascending into Heaven had to be pretty important.

We've taken a look at the first part of this verse already, that as believers we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and that we Will Be His Witness, regardless of whether we choose to.  The life we live, because of the Holy Spirit, reflects Jesus to the world.

 The rest of the verse gave me even more pause, as I let the Holy Spirit speak to me through it, and I really started to question how I was doing in my Jerusalem.  You see, when I wrote the first post in April I was going to church every week, working in our Children's ministry, reading the word with my family, and I thought I had this part down.  I thought, "Jesus is proud of the work I'm doing."  But really, I was proud of the work I was doing, and used my one day a week of service to excuse that I was not serving in my Jerusalem the other six days.  The other six days, what I wanted and what I needed was in the front of my mind and I was turning a blind eye to the needs of my community.  The more I prayed for God to open my eyes, the more I realized that so much work needs to be done, so many kids go to bed hungry, so many mommas are raising their children alone and worried about the world where their children are going to grow up, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas...right here in my Jerusalem.  So many people are lost, wandering and wondering if anyone sees them and if anyone cares.  When I turn my eyes away from their hurt, when I turn my heart away from their need, my witness is not showing a very loving and compassionate Jesus.

The Holy Spirit began to do what only it can, it began to convict me in a very real way.  It began to show me where I can serve and how to show Jesus, the real Jesus, to my community.

As of right now, my Jerusalem has two extra hands and two extra feet that take the Good News of Jesus where ever they go.

How is your Jerusalem?