Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nobody does it better...

I've had several people step up in the last week to help out, and for that I am forever grateful. My brother stayed an extra week to help take care of the kids and Michael. My friend Sam let Mac stay the night so he wouldn't be bored and driving us crazy with Bailey and Robert at school. My mother-in-law is here until I don't need her and she's CLEANING MY HOUSE, tending the kids, and cooking!

But there is something that's not being done and I just can't figure out how to ask for it without feeling selfish. Michael, afterall, is laid up with a shattered ankle and my kids are a parent down. The parent who is laid up, just happens to be the one that takes care of them every day! He also happens to be the one that takes care of me, and does a darn good job. I don't have to ask for what I need, he just seems to know. Even if I did say, "Take care of me already!" I have a feeling that no one would be able to do it as good as he does. No one else knows exactly what I need when I need it...whether its a Mountain Dew when I'm tired or a hug when I'm stressed.

Hurry up and get better baby...

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  1. My hubby is good like that too. He seems to know what I need without me saying a word. I couldn't imagine not having him around. I hope Michael gets better soon! Hugs and prayers to you all!


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