Monday, October 11, 2010

It's October 11th

This is the follow-up to When It's Not Just a Stage and "Mom!" "What?" So if you haven't read those yet, go read them now.  We'll wait for you!

We've been waiting for this day, and this appointment since July.  He was looking forward to it too, and has been praying for the doctor to help him not to walk silly anymore.

We don't know anymore than we knew when we walked in this morning, but we at least have a direction.

Robert can't seem to control his right leg.  He can hop up and down on his left foot all day long, but couldn't do it once on his right foot.  He's right hand and eye dominant so this was a cause for concern.  When he walks, he drifts to the right and sometimes bounces into things.  Even when she gave him a line to walk, he would drift right off the line to the right.  He also has some trouble controlling his left hand, which may or may not be related to the problem with his right leg.  She ordered an MRI and an EEG to rule out a neurological cause.  If it shows nothing, he'll do physical therapy to strengthen his leg and learn to control it.

She was more concerned, as are we, about his lack of social development.  She suspects Aspergers and has ordered a consult with a specialist.

Meanwhile, we have to give him some help.  When we sit at a table, we have to make sure there's no one across from him.  When we walk through a parking lot or in a store, we have to hold his hand to keep him from running into things.

We also get to remind him that he is the sweetest and best behaved little boy ever and that we love him just exactly the way he is.


  1. Aw Ginny! I sure hope that y'all will get some more answers soon.

  2. aw! hes such a sweet kid too! I remember when he was a baby!Asbergers is not so bad, my cousin has it, and to be honest its better to get the right diagnosis early. I will keep you guys in my prayers!

  3. Continued prayers! Sounds like you have a good doc and are one the right track!


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