Monday, October 4, 2010

Who loves you the most?

I don't think I've shared a cute story about Mac yet, so here goes!

Mac is cuteness personified!  He is sweet, funny and adorable but he has a fierce independent streak and isn't afraid to speak his mind.

This morning Junior, his dog, got out of the fence as soon as we let him out to go to the bathroom.  We realized it about ten minutes later when we went to let him back in.  My husband and I started walking the neighborhood at 7:20 this morning, calling him and hoping we'd see his bouncy little self going up and down the road.  

Junior making sure no one steals Mac's Blankie
As I passed back by our front door, a cute and worried little boy ran out to help me.  He said, "I want to help find Junior, I know he'll come if I call his name!"  We walked for a little while, talking about where he could be.  I tried to both reassure him and prepare him in case we couldn't find Junior.  He cried as he said, "If we can't find him, I'll put signs up everywhere that say, 'Wost Dog!' and then someone will call you."

We walked the neighborhood one more time and then headed back to the house.  When we got to our front yard, Mac yelled, "JUNIOR!" one last time!  He bounded toward Mac happy to see him as he always is.

Mac and I lay down together for a nap shortly after we got Junior home.  I always ask him, "Who's the best little boy in the whole world?" and he says, "Me!"  Then I ask, "Who loves you the most?" and today he said, "YOU...and Junior!"

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