Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Mom?" "What?"

Ever notice that when you are either on the phone or talking to your spouse that your kids think this is the perfect time to tell you something that is SO IMPORTANT that it can't wait?

They all start the same way, "Mom?" "What?" They also usually hit me up with a "MOM?" when I'm driving and they are behind me.

This is just a few of the things that I had to be told, so as to avoid massive world ending catastrophes.

My Oldest:

"I learned how to braid!"

"The Air Conditioner in my class is broken!"

"When I was in the shower my butt itched, so I scratched it.  When I was scratching it I discovered HAIR, on my BUTT!"

My Youngest:

"Can we go to the park?"

"Do we have any money?"

"I love you!"

"I'm thirsty!"

"I'm HUNGRY!!!"

My Middle Child, Robert:

NOTHING!  He never tells me any little silly thing when were going down the road.  I rarely remember him interrupting me at any other time either.  It is really bothering me, so I started asking him, "Robert, did something happen today that you need to talk about?"  Almost every time, the answer is "I got a 4!" or whatever number he got that day at school for "B" points.  He thinks showing up and behaving is the most important thing, while his siblings are all worried about money and hair on butts.

I want him to notice the silly things, and I want them to be so important to him that he has to interrupt me from whatever I'm doing to tell me.  I want him to look at me, and not the floor when he's talking to me.  I want him to interact with his classmates and participate in classroom activities.  He is doing none of these things.

I want to hear, "Mom?" and be able to say, "Yes, Robert?"

I want October 11th, the day we see the Neurologist/Psychologist, to hurry up!

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  1. Our daughter was severely speech delayed.
    She is our first born and I remember how I felt when all of her peers were babbling, then speaking single words, which quickly turned into sentences.

    It killed me that she couldn't communicate with me...I worried that she was just trapped.

    There is no worse feeling as a parent than wanting so desperately to help your child, while having no idea how exactly to do that.

    I will wish the days until October 11th away with you.


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