Monday, September 13, 2010

Portion Distortion? In 1st Grade, SERIOUSLY???

Every once in a while, I get infuriated.  When that happens, I find a soap box.  Raising Little Heislers, is a great soap box, mostly because it's MINE and there is no one here to disagree with me!

My kids brought home a Portion Distortion handout from school last week.

One side, was acceptable.  It gave simple, easy ways for kids parents to figure out what is a portion.  It explained how many calories a kid (and adult) should consume in a day.  It also showed; chips, popcorn, soda, pizza, chocolate chip cookies, etc.  Most of which my kids don't eat very often (if ever) but I understand that not all parents teach their kids healthy eating habits, I also understand that not all parents have healthy eating habits themselves.

Here was has me incensed, it's the OTHER SIDE OF THE HANDOUT!!!!

There's the "What you are served?" vs. "What's one serving?" picture of a meal of a hamburger, fries and ketchup. "What you are served," is a HALF POUND HAMBURGER, a LARGE ORDER OF FRIES, and 3/4 CUP KETCHUP!  "What's one serving," is HALF of a HALF pound hamburger (a quarter pounder), a small order of fries, and 2 tablespoons of ketchup as a proper portion.

What kid is going to read the print?  Are they going to look at the pictures and think they should eat half of every meal they're given?

Raise your hand if you most think people are buying their kids half pound hamburgers!  Also, raise your hand if you buy your kid a HAPPY MEAL, which has an 1/8th of a pound patty!  How many weight conscious 3rd grade girls are going to refuse to eat the other half of the hamburger?

I buy neither, but that is besides the point!  I feed my kids normal serving sizes, but that is besides the point!  I teach my kids to make healthy choices, BUT THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT!

The point?  My health conscious, vegetarian 9 year old starts asking for half a Veggie Burger, and those of you in other states will hear a VERY LOUD and VERY ANGRY mother yelling from Central Arkansas!

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  1. Wow. Just WOW. That is a pain!

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